Thursday, August 28, 2008

Origami Christmas Ornament

I saw one of these in gallery on SCS the other day, but with no directions. So I googled till I found them. It's modular origami called a Sonobe 20 point star.

You will need 30 squares of paper for this. I used 3 X 3, which I think makes a really nice sized ornament. Then follow THESE directions on how to make a Sonobe which is apparently what the individual folded pieces are called. It looks like there is actually a bunch of different stuff you can do with these aside from the star. VERY IMPORTANT...Make sure these are all folded the same way. If they aren't they will not go together. I ended up having to refold a bunch, because I had been folding mine both ways. I didn't realize it made any difference. Look at the 8th picture in the tutorial link above. If you fold the top left corner down, do them all that way. You can fold the the right down if you want too, just as long as they are all the same!! I hope that makes sense. There are a bunch of different websites telling you how to assemble these. I started off using one that was linked from the Sonobe tutorial. That one is HERE. But I found the visuals on THIS one much better. They are put together slightly differently too, and I had better luck with the second.

Here it is partially assembled. You can see that there will be several holes in this where they connect. I think this paper is just a tad too thick, so things don't fit quite as nicely. I used the biggest most obvious hole to put ribbon is so I can hang it on the tree.

And here it is all done!

The only supplies used white grosgrain ribbon and a bunch of DSP from the prints pack. If you are using 6 X 6 you'll need 7 1/2 sheets, or not quite 2 sheets of 12 X 12. I really wanted to use Dashing DSP for this, but there is now way I'm sacrificing so much of that gorgeous DSP. I've gotten very stingy with my Dashing since it has started to get low.

Time for me to go clean the houserolleyes. I haven't done a thing all day but mess around with this thing and playing around on SCS. Hope you all have a great day!


Jana Emmert said...

30 squares??? That's a lot of paper! But the ornament turned out great! I love the color combo.

kraftykathy1 said...

OMG, I think I would have ended up with a mess- I can never figure out orgami. But look at your results- just gorgeous!

Melissa said...

Holy mackerel! This is awesome Emily!

Many Blessings,

Jami said...

The mess can wait...this is totally gorgeous!! Love this!!
Smiles from Korea,

Jami said...

The mess can wait...this is totally gorgeous!! Love this!!
Smiles from Korea,

Cheryl said...

Great job! I'm going to link and try my hand at making it later. I still have some dashing DP around here and think it would be beautiful.

Tiffany Bauer said...

This is totally awesome!!! I love it!!!