Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Christmas Bows!

So how cool is this? I saw a bow like this in the SCS gallery, so I searched on Google for bow tutorial and found a great blog that had a step by step directions. Anyway, the tutorial can be found HERE. It's the November 3rd post. It is actually a couple different posts, but since the second two don't have titles I can't seem to get a link to them. Make sure you browse her blog too. She has lots of great ideasbiggrin. These things are kinda time consuming, so I definitely won't be doing them for everyone, but I'll put them on a few presents. Like my mom who loves beautifully wrapped presents. I plan to wrap the gift in the chocolate snowflake wrapping paper that came with this one, and use some bashful blue grosgrain ribbon.
I guess a recipe isn't exactally needed this time. All I used is the blizzard wrapping paper, some snail adhesive, a brad and a glue dot.