Tuesday, October 30, 2007

My stamp room

Well, I thought I'd finally post some pictures of my stamp room. I just cleaned it last night (well for the most part anyway). Hubby built the table for me a few years ago. As you can see, it's not completely done yet. We sill have to cover the 2'X4' front and legs with something. Other than that though I love it. The table is 4' deep and 8 foot long so it gives me plenty of room. If your wondering what the lines are all over the front of the table, those are one foot measurements. I did a ribbon swap a long time ago, so that made it much easier to measure yards of ribbon.

closer view

This is how I store my stamps. I wanted them all the all on display where I can easily see them. This is most of them, but the stuff I don't like anymore is shoved in the bottom drawer. Most of the shelves I built...thats why they're so crooked. Aside from the top one, the rest were built out of some scraps of wood, so I didn't even have to cut anything. I would like to redo these someday though and make them look nicer.
I made these of of green bean cans. I just covered them with cardstock and stamped on them. I wrapped the cardstock around part of the inside too to cover the jagged edges.This is my ribbon rack. I made this myself. The whole thing was made out of drawer fronts. Hubby used to work at a cabinet shop, so he got to take home all the scraps he wanted. This was also my first experience using a chop saw. I'm happy to say I still have all 10 fingers, lol. I really liked the design of the SU ribbon rack, but I'm kinda of " I want it now" person, so I just went a built it. I did have to have hubby nail it together for me though. I can use regular nails, but the little tiny ones I can't do anything with but bend.This is how I store my cardstock. I picked this up at Target a while back on clearance for $13 thanks to a thread I saw on SCS. Here is a closer view of the top.And of course, I had to put my computer right on my table so I wouldn't have to go far for inspiration.


Flossie's Follies said...

wow, this is great, thanks for the information. I will soon be converting a closet, now houses a washer and dryer into my creative corner, love the ideas you are showing.

Charlene Austin (SCS - Willow01) said...

Really great room. You are so handy! Love that ribbon set up you did. My goal is to turn my unfinished bsmt where I have a table into something. Walls would be nice!! It's kinda hard to to hang shelves on bare concrete right now. I would love to see all the stamps just like yours!! TFS.

Kristina Lewis said...

Wow! You are so organized! It must be fun to create in that space! Someday....:)! Happy Halloween!