Friday, September 28, 2007

Thursday Sketch # 2

Sorry, I forgot to post a sketch yesterday. I've been working on the Sheetrock in my living room. Ugh, what a job! I had no idea this would be so much work, otherwise I probably wouldn't have even started. My entire house (me included) is covered in Sheetrock dust from me sanding. It is horrible. I have a towel under the door to my stampin' room so my stuff in here doesn't get covered too, lol. I'm hoping to be done and painting tonight though. It's gonna be Cranberry Crisp (from last years In Colors).

Well anyway, here is the sketch. I haven't made a sample for it yet, but get that done as soon as I get a chance. =)


Amber H said...

Love the sketch. Just found your blog.. into my favorites!

Samm said...

A great sketch! Here is the card I made with it:

by Samm: Who's a good little birdy???