Friday, June 29, 2007

Under Construction =)

Well I just switched my resolution on my computer from 800 X 600 to 1024 X 768. I am starting a work at home job and for some reason it requires that I use this resolution to run their software (yeah I don't get it). So anyway, my blog looks really funny on the higher resolutions (which I think is what most people are using now), so I'm going to do some work on my template to get normal looking again. =) So everything might look really lopsided while I'm fixing stuff. Just bear with me!


Kristine said...

I think it looks really great! I used to use the 800x640 or whatever and was soo used to it, but changed to the larger number and now LOVE it!! I changed my blog to accommodate the larger and when I look at it with the smaller res. it looks HUGE and scrunched. ANYWAY, I once posted a poll on my blog about what screen size people used and the majority used the 1024x740. Good luck...again, I think it looks terrific. Hope your eyes adjust quickly!! :)

Emily said...

Thanks Kristine. I'm starting to get used to this resolution, but I still like the other one better, lol. If you have sitemeter on your blog it will tell you what resolution everyone is using. On mine about half are using this one, and the rest is split up between a ton of different ones.